Since returning to Calgary from New York City in 2011, Gareth Bane has continued to push the boundaries of the Baritone Saxophone. Modern improvisational Jazz concepts and the roots of Blues combine with a “take-no-prisoners” approach to the horn thus creating a unique and powerful voice on that instrument. His influences include Nick Brignola, Gary Smulyan, Ronnie Cuber and Pepper Adams and he holds a Masters in Jazz Performance from Rutgers University.

Gareth’s most influential teachers have been Ralph Bowen, Pat LaBarbera, Gary Smulyan, Conrad Herwig, Jim Brenan, Jeremy Brown and Pat Belliveau. He is currently living in Calgary performing with groups such as Baritone Madness and Steelytown. He is also active with his own projects including the B3-4tet and Low Blow Sextet.